Latest Finds Vol. 5

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I am the type of person that when I find something that I love or something that I think is just totally awesome, I want to tell everyone about it. I gain a lot of satisfaction out of referring friends and family to a new product or service, anything that I think they will love as much as I do if they just knew about it or would give it a chance. So that’s how I can up with the idea of creating a blog series called “Latest Finds”.

I hope to give you weekly or almost weekly updates on cool new things that I use or enjoy; anything that I think you will like as much as I do. Some of these you might already know about, maybe I am just late to the game, but maybe I can give a fresh perspective on how to incorporate it into your life.

1. Dead to Me on Netflix

I have tried to watch this show more than once based on several people recommending it to me. I could never get past the first episode. It seemed depressing and not all that funny. But I gave it another shot and now I see what the fuss is all about. The show is great, just have to get over the initial hump, totally binge-worthy. Christina Applegate is friggin awesome in this show and the story line shoots off in so many directions, it gets more interesting with each episode.

2. Silpada Hammered Sterling Silver Earrings

I had these earrings on my Amazon wish list and my in-laws sent them to me recently for my birthday. I LOVE THEM! I wear them with everything. They are so versatile.

3. YouTube Channel- Adaline Zook

This is a YouTube Channel on constant play on my phone. I love all of her meal prep videos filled with great recipes and creative ideas. Actually, my number 4 Latest Find below I discovered on Adaline’s channel.

4. Ozera Popsicle Bags

On Adaline’s YouTube channel, she posted a video of herself making popsicles for her three daughters and I thought that looked awesome. So I bought my own. The pack comes with 150 pouches that you can fill with just about anything and a little funnel that helps fill each pouch. The pouch has a tiny ziploc seal on the end. My first attempt to make homemade popsicles was my “adult” beverage version. Of course they didn’t freeze all the way, it was more like a slushy-sicle. But still tasted awesome! I think next I want to try frozen yogurt pops.

5. Zihnic Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

I have been meaning to buy new headphones for the longest time. Previously, I had little buds that went in my ears and then they wrapped around my ear. And they friggin hurt. Like a lot. After maybe 20-30 minutes, my ears hurt and I couldn’t stand wearing them. Plus my old ones had to be plugged in and I would get tangled in the cord. So I found these cuties online and so far I love them. I bought them in this rose gold color and they were not very expensive. Set up was super easy, really not much to it at all to get them paired with my phone. So if you are needing new headphones too, these might be a good option.

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