22 New Habits to Start in 2022!

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Can you believe that it is 2022 already?! I am trying to prepare so I start the year off with a bang. I want to hit the ground running. Therefore, I am looking at my priorities, organizational systems, how I want to spend my time and how to be more productive. Along those lines I have reviewed my goals from last year and I have established some new goals for 2022 which includes forming a few new habits. If you need inspo, here are 22 New Habits to Start in 2022!

22 New Habits to Start in 2022, There's Sugar in My Tea, Charlotte NC Bloggers, Charlotte NC Lifestyle Bloggers

Do you feel stuck in a rut or are having a hard time narrowing down what you want to accomplish in 2022? Here is a great list of ideas for you. These are all habits that you could start in the new year. I would suggest picking one that you feel would have the biggest impact on your life and develop a plan on how to turn your idea into a daily habit.

If you plan to make too many changes in your life all at one time, you will probably end up accomplishing nothing. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start with one new habit and when you feel that you have fully incorporated the first one into your daily routine, add another.

So you have your primary new habit you want to start in the new year picked out. Think about how you will actually be able to accomplish this; will it be all at once or do you need to break it up into small steps? There is no shame in starting small. Write it down if you need to and celebrate small accomplishments along the way.

Experts seem to disagree on how long it takes to establish a new habit, but 30 days seems pretty realistic. If you can implement your plan for 30 days, afterwards your new habit should be ingrained into your daily routine. And hopefully to the point that you won’t really have to think about it anymore, it will just come naturally. This would be the point in time to begin on habit number two that you were interested in establishing for yourself in the new year.

22 New Habits to Start in 2022, There's Sugar in My Tea, Charlotte NC Bloggers, Charlotte NC Lifestyle Bloggers

22 New Habits to Start in 2022:

  1. Increase your daily water intake.
  2. Start a daily gratitude journal.
  3. Read on a daily basis.
  4. Wake up just a little earlier each morning.
  5. Take time each day to write in your journal.
  6. Spend more quality time with family.
  7. Cook at home more often; eat out less.
  8. Utilize a planner to keep your daily schedule on track.
  9. Clean one room in your home everyday.
  10. Plan a routine social media dextox.
  11. Get outdoors and take a walk.
  12. Check in with a long distance friend/ family member each day via call, text or email.
  13. Establish a productive morning and bedtime routine.
  14. Sort and shred paper and mail as it comes into your home.
  15. Listen to a motivating audiobook, Youtube video or podcast daily.
  16. Plan a weekly date night with your significant other.
  17. Formally track your budget and spending habits.
  18. Volunteer in your community.
  19. Do something each day that your future self will thank you for.
  20. Do random acts of kindness.
  21. Work on your 2022 goals and corresponding action plan.
  22. Reduce your daily screen time.
22 New Habits to Start in 2022, There's Sugar in My Tea, Charlotte NC Bloggers, Charlotte NC Lifestyle Bloggers

What new habits do you plan to start in the new year? What new habit from our list above is your favorite? Leave a comment below, we love to read your feedback. And we want to wish you the best of luck in accomplishing your goals in 2022!

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  1. 1.7.22

    Waking up a bit earlier each morning would go such a long way toward having a full, productive day (but it’s oh, so tough to do, especially in the winter!). This is such a great list!

    • 1.10.22
      theressugarinmytea said:

      No doubt! In the winter, it is hard to leave my cozy bed and electric blanket. But that little bit of extra time in the morning seems to make a world of difference.