Latest Finds Volume 6

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Our most recent recommendations and purchases are in today’s Latest Finds Volume 6!

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Wow! I haven’t written a Latest Finds post since July. This is something I had set out to do on a regular basis. So I am getting back on the horse to share with you some of my most recent finds that I think you will love too.

I am the type of person that when I find something that I love or something that I think is just totally awesome, I want to tell everyone about it. I gain a lot of satisfaction out of referring friends and family to a new product or service, anything that I think they will love as much as I do if they just knew about it or would give it a chance. So that’s how I can up with the idea of creating a blog series called “Latest Finds”.

Our Latest Finds Volume 6:

1. YouTube Channel- The Dad Challenge Podcast

I am not even sure how I stumbled upon Josh’s YouTube channels. I think they were just in my feed one day. But I am so glad they were! He actually has 2 channels: The Dad Challenge Podcast and The Dad Challenge Channel. I flip back and forth between both channels.

Josh is a Canadian ex-pastor turned videographer that has a mission to stop child exploitation on YouTube. And he does so in the funniest ways! It’s entertainment with a purpose that has opened my eyes to family vloggers (some I have or do watch!) and the concept that they make beaucoup piles of dough off of their kids, yet those kids aren’t old enough to consent to be on the internet. Exploring Josh’s videos has shown me to what lengths some of these really famous family vloggers will go to just to create content; with no regard to their kids’ privacy, safety and well-being.

Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight Josh! All the snark are just icing on the cake.

2. Netflix Movie: Kodachrome

My husband and I just recently watched this movie on Netflix and loved it. I hadn’t even heard of it before, but when I was flipping through new releases to find something for us to watch, I came across this and thought it looked interesting/ unique- not the same old thing.

It’s the story of an estranged father (Ed Harris) and son (Jason Sudeikis) who go on a road trip together and the father’s caregiver (Elizabeth Olsen) tags along for the ride. It’s the father’s last dying wish to have his son drive him to a photo lab to get some Kodachrome film developed before the lab completely stops developing this antiquated type of film.

Sounds lame? Well there are lots of story lines throughout the movie relating to the son’s music career and finding his passion in life, a father and son reuniting, a son forgiving his father for being a shitty parent by always putting his photography career first, falling in love, death and dying and so much more. It keeps the story moving along. You will laugh, you will cry, it’s just an awesome movie.

3. Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Yes, I got an upgrade on my wireless bluetooth headphones for Christmas. I still like my old ones and use them on occasion, but the difference these Bose noise cancelling headphones make is insane! Pricey? You betcha! Worth every penny? Oh yeah! It’s a splurge, but I use them a lot and I recommend this set if you are looking for a new pair for yourself.

4. Amazon Subscription Services

I recently signed up for my first subscription through Amazon. It’s something I buy on a regular basis and was tired of running out to the store to buy- dog food. Yup! I signed up to have a big ass bag of dog food automatically delivered to my doorstep every 3 weeks and it’s been awesome. No more having to lug it around the store, in and out of my car or running out of it. It’s one simple thing that makes my life easier.

I believe you have to be signed up for Amazon Prime in order to take advantage of this service. You can subscribe to almost any product that you use in your household routinely and you can set how often you want the product to be delivered to you. It’s super easy and I will be signing up for more subscriptions.

5. LED Candles with Remote

I just bought this set of 12 flameless LED candles to use as decor in the fireplace in our master bedroom. The chimney is closed off and we have a candelabra with real candles inside the fire box.

These candles each require 2 AA batteries. It comes with 2 remotes. The candles dim, can be set to flicker like real candles or to just stay on constantly and also has a timer for auto shutoff.

I think they are really cool and a better option than fake wood or an empty fireplace.

So what do you think about our Latest Finds Volume 6? Do you have a recent purchase that we should check out or feature in our next latest finds post? Leave a comment below!

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