Ideas for Date Nights at Home

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(This post was last updated on: 2/3/2024.) If you are anything like me, sometimes I just don’t want to go out, I would rather stay at home. But I also want to spend quality time with my husband. So that means being creative and coming up with ideas to plan a date night at home. It can be something simple and free or it can be as extravagant as you want. The main point of date night is to spend time together, so don’t focus too much on which activity you choose. Just pick something out that you know both of you will enjoy doing. I put together this great list of ideas for date nights at home for you. I hope it gives you lots of inspiration!

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If you have kids, make sure to drop them off at grandma’s house so you can enjoy a night together, even if it’s just for a couple hours. I really put some thought into making this list so that in the future I make my life easier by having this list to reference back to at anytime I need a last minute idea.

Ideas for Date Nights at Home:

  1. Movie Night is easy to set up. Make some popcorn and find a new flick on Netflix. Grab a cozy blanket and cuddle while you veg out.
  2. Relaxation Spa Night can begin with a bubble bath; set the mood with a candle and glass of wine. Afterwards, give each other a massage.
  3. Kick it old school….bring out your favorite video games and snacks and see who can win the most games. Keep it interesting by making a bet that the loser has to do something funny.
  4. Unplug and unwind. Turn off all of your electronic devices and pick a book off the shelf to read together.
  5. Chocolate Fondue, read our previous post on how easy it is to make, you will love sharing this together.
how to make chocolate fondue, There's Sugar in My Tea, Charlotte NC Lifestyle Blogs

6. Split an ice cream sundae.

7. Buy a variety 6 pack of local craft beer to sample. Many grocery stores near us let you fill a card board carrier with whatever you want from a certain shelf in the store.

8. Light up that fire pit in the backyard to make smores.

9. Cook dinner together. Pick out a recipe together the night before and pick up the ingredients on your way home.

10. Have a bunch of wine at home that seems to be collecting dust? Have a wine tasting. It’s a good way to get rid of old wine or that weirdly flavored wine that your friend gave you that doesn’t really match well with most dinners.

11. Look up funny YouTube videos together.

12. Bust out that old jigsaw puzzle and try to finish it finally.

13. If it’s nice outside, enjoy a game of corn hole, (bean bag toss for you Yankees reading).

14. Plan a trip or vacation that you have been wanting to take together.

15. Call and catch up with old friends together on speaker phone.

16. Work out in your home gym or do an exercise video together.

17. Enjoy an indulgent dessert that you picked up from the local bakery, that you would usually never buy.

18. One of our favorite at home date nights is to hang out on the back patio, turn on some good music and enjoy a cocktail.

19. Try out new cocktail recipes that you found online.

the best bourbon & cider cocktail for fall, there's sugar in my tea, charlotte nc lifestyle bloggers

20. Pick up some wings and watch the game together. It’s about to be football season!

21. Play cards or do a crossword puzzle together.

22. Have a double date night by inviting another couple over for apps and cocktails.

23. If you are lucky enough to have a pool or hot tub, enjoy hanging out in the water.

24. Do a DIY project together like making our mosquito repellent candle or bird feeder wreath.

Ideas for Date Nights at Home:

25. Reminisce by looking through old photo albums.

26. Complete a home improvement project together or if you are not ready for that, walk through your home and make a to-do list of projects that need to be done.

27. Pamper each other with a face mask and foot rub.

28. Pick up some take out but fancy it up with a formal table setting with candle light, centerpiece and soft music.

29. Write out your short term and long term goals for your family.

30. Look online for new restaurants to try out and make a list to post on the fridge so you don’t ever have one of those nights where you ask each other where to eat and nobody has any ideas.

31. Find a new show to binge watch together.

32. Make a bucket list together. We have one for the summer, check it out here. And two for Fall that you can read here and here.

33. Write each other a love letter. Some couples write out a letter that is only to be opened during an argument to remind both people of why they love each other during a difficult time.

34. Make a beautiful charcuterie board and enjoy feeding each other.

How to make a fall charcuterie plate, how to make a fall charcuterie board

35. Enjoy listening to your fave music by a cozy fireplace with a plush blanket.

What type of dates do you like to plan for date nights at home? If you have any recommendations, please leave them in a comment below. We would love to share your ideas.

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